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Nutmace – best quality product presented by wayanadankada

Nutmace  or japathre is flower of nutmeg.It is covering shell of nutmeg.

It is used in many Indian dishes,because of its flavoring nature. Kerala Japathre is very good in quality and look, because most of  the production is happening from Kerala.

Nut mace is a aromatic condiment that is reddish in colour and resembles a dried flower, mace is what covers the shell of nutmeg.

it has a slightly milder taste to nutmeg and is ideal for food preparations that are gently spiced.
Relieves digestive problems,encourages appetite,treatment and prevention of cancer,decrease stress,anxiety and depression,boost blood circulation,eliminate dental problems,rich source of nutrients and vitamins,assist RBC formation,treat insomnia, relieve cold and cough, improve brain health
The shelf life is 12 months when stored in cold and dry place.

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