Pure Peaberry Kaapi

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Peaberry, or caracoli, is a type of coffee bean which is smaller than the regular beans. The fruit of a coffee plant normally develops as two halves within a single cherry. In some instances only one of the two seeds tends to gets fertilized. The resulting oval or pea-shaped coffee bean is called a peaberry. They are believed to roast more evenly, hence giving a distinct flavour for coffee. 

Chicory tends to mask the real taste of the coffee beans. Hence this blend is formed for those who love the real taste of coffee. The powder is coarse ground and is suitable to be used with a traditional filter, percolator or a moka pot.

Contains No Chicory

Available in Fine (to prepare it in a way similar to that of tea) and Coarse (to be prepared using a filter/espresso machine/french press) grind. Please choose appropriately.

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